Hack ‘n’ Slash Impressions

hack_n_slash_preview_wide“At first glance, Hack ‘n’ Slash looks incredibly familiar. You play an elf with a green tunic and a cartoon quiff. There’s an evil wizard, a small floating companion, and a colourful but corrupt land of forests and dungeons. It looks like Zelda, but appearances can be deceiving. The sword you begin your adventure with immediately breaks, revealing an alternate purpose for the icon of the action genre. Your weapon becomes a USB input device that allows you to manipulate and interact with the game world’s hidden code. Rather than hacking away at enemies with brute force, you’re hacking in to engineer your way to victory.”

You can read the rest of my thoughts on the Early Access version of Hack ‘n’ Slash  here.

Alternatively, you can stare at the cartoon bird below.


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